On January 16th, 2022, Zurab Chichoshvili jumped out of the window of his room at the former Kartli sanatorium. He died from his injuries. Zurab was one of 200 thousand refugees who were forced to leave their homes during the war in Abkhazia in 1992-93.

The collapse of the USSR led to wars within the former republics. Abkhazia, which was part of the Georgian SSR, declared its independence. This was the beginning of a bloody war between Abkhazia and Georgia. Thousands of ethnic Georgians left their homes in a hurry, often without even having time to take their documents with them. They were resettled in former Soviet sanatoriums throughout Georgia, which were massively built on the territory of the former republic during the reign of Joseph Stalin. Then 186 sanatoriums were built, the most popular of them were located in the regions adjacent to the Black Sea. Sanatoriums, designed to glorify the idea of the prosperity of socialism, after the collapse of the Union turned out to be of no use to anyone, they were mothballed. 

Hoping for the return of the region, the Georgian government was in no hurry to resettle the refugees. 30 years have passed and many of the refugees continue to live in already dilapidated sanatoriums. Many of them are over 60 years old. Most of all they want to return to their homes in Abkhazia. And they are afraid not to have time to do it.

Yuri Chakvetadze, who lives in the Sinatle sanatorium, is now 83 years old. He got an apartment in Kutaisi, but he can’t move there because he can’t stand another change of housing. The only thing he dreams about is going to the grave of his son, who died during the war and was buried near his house in Sukhumi.